High Ticket Website + Google Shopping Set Up

High Ticket Website + Google Shopping Set Up

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Want to save time and get a high ticket website built for you running basically on autopilot with a Google Shopping ads set up.

With a very low ad spend each day and a winning high ticket product, as Google ranks your product you'll make sales and only have to fulfil your orders each week and update tracking. 

Products will have around a $650-$800 profit margin, meaning after Google ads you'll bring in around $600-$800 profit per sale

You can also post the products daily on Facebook marketplace and send your customers there directly and boost your sales. 

This simple to manage business is a great introduction to the Dropshipping world and can bring in profits of up to $100k + per year

What you'll get 

Completely built and custom branded high ticket website
2 - 3 high ticket and well researched products added to your store 

Complete custom branding and logo creation 

UVP, Brand Story, Virtual Address and Orberlo app set up 

Facebook marketplace strategy & access to our VIP weekly winning product page (worth over $900 per year) 

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